Workout Wednesday!

After a great warm up:

Max Ex Method

1A: BB Reverse Lunge 5×4 each leg @80% with a 3-4 sec/eccentric and fast concentric – paired with

1B: Tyler Swing(Swinging Reverse Lunge-if you don’t know what this is, then take a KBC course from me!) x5 each side(12-24kg moved fast!)

Then pick three pulling movements(Pullups, bent rows, seated rows, etc.) to finish your day!

Stretch and have a great day!

Note on BB Reverse Lunge Max: Using 75% of your back Squat max and then calculating from there works well.

Example: 405lbs Squat Max = BB Reverse Lunge Est. Max = 305lbs (303.75) and then you use 80% of that = 245lbs (244)


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