“I have had the special opportunity to train with Tyler over the past few weeks and he has started to transform my mental/physical and spiritual outlook as it relates to getting back into shape. Tyler provides not only the how but the why, which is important to me in understanding the mental aspect of a training session. He provides the science behind the movement and the motivation to carry me through out the session. I’m truly lucky to be training with an incredibly gifted teacher and a great motivator.”

– John Horoshak – Owner/Partner: The Ice Edge AAA Hockey

“I worked with Tyler at the University of Minnesota when he was an assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Gopher football team. The knowledge that he has to offer, from his experiences training high-level athletes, years teaching & managing at the private sector, lecturing at many conferences across the world and the countless hours he has devoted to studying successful high-level sports scientists and coaches is well worth the commitment. For those searching for successful ways to attain sports mastery, or those just looking to get healthy and fit, I highly recommend becoming a member of Inspire Movement.” 
 – Dustin Perry – Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, San Francisco 49ers

 “Not only did I lose fat and gain muscle working with Tyler, but significantly improved my overall health and lifestyle. Tyler developed an exercise and eating plan for me and he was thorough in explaining the “why’s” behind why I was eating certain foods and doing specific movements. I recommend Tyler to anyone looking to take their health and fitness to the next level!”
– Nick Schmitz 

I was nine months away from getting married and needed to lose weight. However, Tyler helped me see it is not just losing weight, but getting healthy and in shape. He transformed my body. I was healthy, fit, strong and SKINNY!! Not only did I lose weight on the scale, but my I was toned and had muscle. Tyler is the best personal trainer I’ve ever experienced and the most knowledgable person I know about health that I’ve ever talked with. He works with you from the ground up to not just “get in to shape” but develop a true and livable, healthy lifestyle in your workouts, nutrition, and day to day activities. He approaches you from a clinical, almost mathematical point of view. Just by looking at your musculature and the tightness of your joints and nerves, at the way you move and run and interact, he can somehow see the kind of life you lead. He wants to help you, make you healthy and fit as a whole. He is able to do this with his knowledge of Kettlebells, TRX, weight training and years of experience. I was so impressed with how he was able to incorporate many different strength training routines that worked multiple areas of my body. While I was thinking it was only working my core, it actually was toning my back, my legs, while adding Cardio to the routine as well. He made every session entertaining and exciting.

I enjoyed every work out with Tyler. I learned a lot, got in shape, and enjoyed his company. He is not the trainer that is yelling down your face while you are struggling to lift that last weight or do one more pull up, but he is encouraging, motivating and helps you accomplish your goals. He made every session worth it and I have the results to prove it. I was all around happy, healthy, skinny and fit. Tyler knows what he is doing and will help you accomplish your goals as well! Best Trainer I have EVER had!

– Shirley Thorne Rossi

With my Arthritis condition, I suffered from low back pain that prevented me from doing the activities that I enjoyed most. I’ve been working with Tyler for a month and have already seen amazing results. I feel stronger and healthier. Tyler was able to set up a program for me that is tailored to my condition, time schedule and end goal. He is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to my program. 

Thank you, Tyler.  With your help, I look forward to doing the activities that I love once again.”   

R.  – Adventure Seeker

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