Vitamin D

The “sunshine vitamin” is fat-soluble and has numerous beneficial functions in the body when adequate levels are present. Bone mineralization, nerve and muscle function, calcium metabolism, increased energy levels, and reduced likelihood of sickness are just a few of the wonderful qualities!

Fun fact:

It is vital to our health and recent studies have shown a reduced likelihood of a heart attack when the body isn’t at a deficient.


Egg yolks, fatty fish, mushrooms, cheese and fortified foods such as cereal, milk and yogurt

The skin also produces Vitamin D when exposed to sun. Make sure to be careful with the length of sun exposure!

Vitamin D requirements:

Most studies show that 200-600 IU a day (depending on age and gender) is good, but more recent studies state that an additional 2,000-3,000 IU is more advantageous.

– Try and get that Vitamin D anyway you can, especially during the winter months!!!

Note: Vitamin D3 is preferred, because of better utilization in the body.

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